Ex-Abia PDP Chairman commends Otti for giving priority attention to Rural Roads

Former Chairman of Abia State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Emma Nwaka has commended Governor Alex Otti for giving priority attention to the infrastructural development of the rural communities in the State.

Senator Nwaka who said this in reference to the Nunya-Eluama road which Otti has kicked off its reconstruction in earnest appreciated Governor Otti for placing rural development on the front burner.

Over the past three weeks the governor has flagged off the reconstruction of no fewer than three critical road networks across the local governments recent of which was the 11.5km Nunya-Ogboro-Eluama road in Isuikwuato Local Government to the delight of the communities connected by the road.

Nwaka, who piloted the affairs of the former ruling Abia PDP during its most glorious period, told our correspondent that every Abian, irrespective of party affiliation, should acknowledge the good job that Otti was doing.

He noted that the new governor has not only rehabilitated several roads within nine months of assuming office but engaged reputable contractors to give Abia people quality for their money.

On how he received the that Otti has mobilised CCECC to begin the reconstruction of Nunya-Eluama road, Nwaka said that he couldn’t thank the governor enough for this singular gesture.

“One thing for sure is that every Isuikwuato person is delighted that Nnunya/Ogboro road is one of the roads in Abia State that has received early attention in the first tenure of Governor Alex Otti,” he said.

“This road is very important to our people, not just because it offers us easy access to Enugu/Port Harcourt Expressway but also for the fact that it will enable our farmers to evacuate their farm produce for sale in Umuahia and neighbouring states,” he added.

Otti had explained his early attention to the rural areas, saying that his economic policy “is structured to achieve balanced development” of Abia so that no part of the state would be left behind.

He stated that it was necessary to enhance rural infrastructure given that some businesses are specially meant to be sited in the rural communities while some are best suited for the urban areas.

Otti said for his government, “every part of Abia is important in the new Abia,” he is building, adding that with good infrastructure in the rural areas, farmers would have easy access to the cities to market their produce.

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