How to Make Chop for Your Birds and a Recipe

Chopped food is basically chopped-up food, so you want to have a base for your chopped food. A base will be your grains, which could include rice that cooks You’ve got to cook the rice and there’s lots of different rice that you can choose from, like wild rice and brown rice; just don’t use the the white rice I find that less nutritional You can use sweet potatoes, which are cooked.

A Step-by-Step Guide and Recipe

Mashed up really nice and soft and squash you can use that to my first love squash I usually do that in the wintertime because it’s more readily available and then you can use your beans that use a bean mix it’s called a soup mix you can have to soak it the night before they’ll just follow the instructions and then cook it the next day and you can use different beans or just one bean what if you like they like mung beans lentils peas yeah all that so that’s when I start my face, I’ll buy sprinkles That’s where I start my basement and then I go with all my vegetables so for your vegetables, there’s a lot of vegetables that you can use for your chop Just look up what’s safe and what’s not safe. A popular list of unsafe vegetables down below my description has so many to go through that are healthy for your birds, so to make the chop, you can use a chopper or a food processor, or you can just use a knife and cut it up yourself.

That’s a little bit more time-consuming but it works It’ll do the job You don’t have to go and get a chopper or a food processor I have a food processor and some of the food I do put in there, some of it I just use the chopper and some of it I shred but in this video, I didn’t shred anything; I just chopped a lot and some of the foods I like to chop by hand because if you put it in the chopper, they just get too wet and turn into mush but I’ll be showing you which ones I cut up myself and which ones I put into the chopper I have chosen rice because it’s a sprouted tricolor blend, and I cooked the rice according to the instructions on the back of the package. And this is what it looks like once it’s all cooked. I’m using red lentils today for my beans. My birds seem to really like it, and I soaked it the night before and cooked it the next day. I cooked it according to the directions on the back of the package. Once it’s cooked, I drain it and let it cool down. My first vegetable that is going into my chopped mix is Brussels sprouts. I use ten of them, and it’s best to wash all your fruits.

Really well and then pat dry them so they’re not wet and soggy Make sure they’re clean and dry before you chop them up I put the Brussels sprouts in my chopper and chop them up until they’re really, really fine I always use the pulse button just so I can control how much chopped and in my birds, I love Brussels sprouts I put them in almost all my chopped, so this is what it looks like. It comes out really nice, fine and crumbly Next, I used six carrots and decided to put them in the chopper.

Out the shredder so I want to put them in the chopper I have to cut the carrots up, you know, in small pieces so that they’ll fit into the chopper and chop up really nice I like to make little, small pieces with the carrots My birds really love carrots, so I put carrots in all of my chopped, and this is what it looks like mixed up with the Brussels sprouts, so each time I add an item, I mix it all up. It looks delicious already. Now for my dark leafy green, I’m going to be using kale, so I decided to take a big bunch of kale and, you know, separate the leaves. I’m going to be using 8 leaves, so I had to break them into small pieces in order to fit him into the chopper, and then I pulsed it until I got the nice consistency that I wanted, and then I put it into the rest of the child that’s already been made, and I stirred it all up. Then I’m going to add some of the broccoli I’m using for the broccoli heads that I put in the chopper and chop them up fine.

I make then I put the broccoli inside the chop I’m gonna give it a good stir and the chop is looking really good and sometimes there’s big chunks in there that didn’t get chopped up in the chopper so I just take them back out and put them back in the chopper I’m gonna be adding some celery I’m gonna be add-in for celery sticks like the whole stick but what I do first is I D string them I see this string there’s string on celery and I take them off either well I’m gonna chop them up small I still like to take the string off so it doesn’t get caught around their feet or they choke on it and what I do is I don’t put them in the chopper I use my knife because I find if I put them in the chopper it turns into mush because celery is really wet if you chop it up small it’s just all mushy and it makes the chop you know just too wet and the birds won’t eat it so I do use the knife to cut up my celery I cut up as small as I can but sometimes the birds like holding in their feet so I cut them up.

Fairly small but not not really tiny like they would be in the chopper but the birds love celery and they certainly eat that and now I’m going to mix the celery into the chop every time I add a food item; it looks better and better and better Now this is zucchini, and this is another vegetable that I chopped with a knife because I find that if I put it in the chopper, it just turns into mush, and my birds love zucchini, so I like to add it to my chopped vegetables, so I peel it, take the skin off, and then I just cut it up. Lengthwise twice and then cut it up into small squares Now I’m going to add the zucchini to the chop and it’s getting yummier and yummier and birds love bell peppers make sure you always have some kind of orange or red fruit in your chopped You want to have lots of different colors Today I chose an orange bell pepper and a red bell pepper, and what I did was cut off both ends.

You know, see, there were bumps where they went. I just cut it just beyond that and then you can just poke out that little whatever you call that handle thing and you just poke it out and then you leave the rest so you can chop it up Then I do the same for the bottom and then I just cut one cut in the side and then you can just cut around and cut all the guts out Just go right around in a circle, getting all the middle, like the membrane out of there. and then you can just lay it down flat, cut it into two pieces and start cutting away I’d like to cut some strips I caught a lot of strips I kind of put them in a big long row and then I staked, dicing them I started cutting them into little squares and that way, you know, works really well for the chop, and the birds can hold them in their feed if they want to and I don’t put this in the chopper because it’ll just turn to mush; it’ll just be all mushy and watery so I like to do this by hand and it works out great for me and then I get the two parts that I cut off, the top and the bottom and I just cut out the middle and then I just cut out the rest of the the outside of the pepper and just add it to the chop and I chopped up the red bell pepper as well and you can use the seeds so you can just scrape the seeds off and put them in with your chop I should have just scraped these off inside the chopped container than where the chop was but I just decided to scrape them off on top of the bell pepper here and add them to the chop So now I just mix everything together, stir it all together and look how beautiful the chop is looking.

Now that I add my lentils, they have cooled down since I’ve been making the chop I always add the cooked vegetables or grains after I’ve made all the chopped, as you don’t want to be mixing hot stuff with cold stuff so make sure it’s cool before you add it and I’m just going to stir them up and mix it all in now I’m going to add the rice because that has cooled down as well and it’s looking good and I’m going to add 1/3 of a cup of sesame seeds Sesame seeds are very healthy and birds love them and I’m going to add 1/3 of a cup of chia seeds Cheese seeds are very healthy and birds love them as well.

Then last and final I’m going to add 1/3 of a cup of hemp parts Birds love them as well Now I’m just going to mix it all together. I stir and stir and stir until everything’s mixed up really, really well. There’s a lot of food in there. The pots are pretty deep, and I just want to make sure, especially all the seeds, get distributed. Throughout the chop, I store my chopped ingredients in freezer bags. What I do is put 3 cups of the chopped ingredients into each bag because i have a lot of birds I have like 29 Birds Most of them are small but they all eat a lot of chopped vegetables, so I put 3 bags and 3 cups into each freezer bag.

Now, if you don’t have as many birds as I do, you obviously don’t need to put 3 cups into each bag. You can put 1 cup, half a cup, or 1/4 cup, or you can use another way to store them, like other storage containers, to store your chopped vegetables. It doesn’t have to be 3 cups like I do, and what I do is, when they’re all in the bags, I don’t squash it too much because I don’t want to squash all the vegetables, but I just kind of flatten it out so they’re easy to store and I squeeze all the air out of them make sure there’s no air in the freezer bag; otherwise, food will get freezer burn so I double-check make sure they’re really, really no flat and there’s no air inside the bank. This is what they look like; they’re all ready to go into the freezer; they’re all nice and flat I store some of the banks in my upstairs freezer.

There’s not a lot of room in my freezer; it’s very very small so some of them will go upstairs because you know it’s easier for me and someone will go downstairs into my freezer downstairs I have two freezers and then once they’re all frozen what I do is each night I just take one of the bags out it’s all frozen nice and hard and then I put it right in the fridge where it can thaw out and then in the morning it’s all thought out it’s ready to go I feed it to my Birds let’s go give it to my birds and see if they like it so when I give the chop to my smaller Birds I put romaine lettuce or other types of dark leafy greens in the chopped because I really love the greens and they come right over, they start eating the greens first of course and then they eat the chop Usually the chop is gone like within an hour with all my little birds and just because I have the camera here and in the ring light but a little bit shy, some of them come and check it out but as soon as I took my camera away, they all come and eat. This is Galaxy, my Sierra parakeet. He’s not shy at all. Maybe they like to say this is one of my Canaries.

out because she’s pulling them out cuz she wants to make a nest This is one of my rosie forks. This is raspberry. Yeah, this is raspberry. All my little birds are great eaters and they really love the chomp and this is one of my Linney’s this is Nugget. He’s a senior bird and his feathers are a little bit ruffled up because his partner pickles is the overcleaner, so she preens his flight feathers in his tail and he always looks like this, but he’s fine He gets long and that was my java finch night wing this is Starfire my turquoise eeen he was really shy and here’s my budgies sterling he likes nugget he always hangs out with them and oh there comes flash my other budgie that’s these two our clutch mates my buddies love the shop by the way they really really love it if you have buddies I’m sure you’re as well eat it and there’s sky there’s Jack on the right Jack is the blue one this guy’s beside him right there see little button here oh and here is Kingsley this is my bigger Birds, is this Kingsley my king?

Parrot Marvel’s my moustache parakeet loves the shop; she’s a really good eater sheets everything and this is Electra, my Senegal, so the shop was the hit, so if your bird does not eat chopped or you haven’t tried the chop yet, what I do is give it to them first thing in the morning because birds are hungry in the morning, but if you give them pellets or any seeds, take away those that food before they go to bed, so when they wake up, they don’t go right to the pilot or the seed dish. Want to limit the seeds because they’re really fatty and then you can entice your bird to eat you can give them something you just pooped on my hand that’s okay I’m used to it anyways you can put something of their favorite food on top of their child like you can sprinkle some spray millet or little pieces of almond not too much because they’ll just eat the almond and get full or whatever they like you know whatever they like to eat you put that on top and it’ll entice them to eat it and also what I do for fruit rise is, you want to limit the fruit because I’ve had sugar in it even two or three times a week.

I put things like blueberries strawberries all the berries; they’re really healthy for them Even small pieces of Apple are great, but they’re way high in sugar He’s going to be careful and know which ones are better for them than others You can put that on top of their top I just mix it in there chopped because I don’t freeze fruit I don’t put fruit in the chopped because it gets very watery. it makes the chop all messy and you know what? They won’t eat it so I put two fresh fruits on top of that chopped fruit two or three times a week and I find it works for me so hopefully that’ll work for you now If your bird loves blueberries, put a couple blueberries on there. They might eat the blueberries first, and then go for the chop. That’s what my birds do. If they like the fruit, they’ll eat it, or you can just mix it in. If they like apples, really kind of chop it up really small and stir.


know what then and they’ll pick it out and get a taste of the other stuff and eat that too so I do have a video on how to get your bird to eat vegetables I’ll put it down below in the description You can go check it out by several ways that your bird can, you know, possibly enjoy eating vegetables so make sure to go check out all my links down below and hopefully you enjoyed this video and let me know if your bird eats chopped I’m curious to know or if you haven’t fed chopped and never knew what it was, just any questions you have put it down below and you can answer other questions about sometimes I can’t answer them all and this hopefully enjoy.

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