Methanol fuel policy will offer zero carbon emission – Minister

 The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), Dr Adeleke Mamora has said that the methanol fuel policy initiative of the Federal Government offers better efficiency in terms of usage.

The minister said this in an interview with journalists .

Mamora said: “One of the advantages of this policy is that there is an option outside what we are using now.

“The fuel being used now, we have a lot of emissions and we are in the era of moving to zero carbon emission.

“Of course, if you have decrease in carbon emission, you are also increasing the health and well-being of the people and I think that alone is critical enough.”

Mamora said the methanol fuel policy is a big project that would enable Nigeria move away from fossil fuel.

He said that methanol fuel policy was a project he believed, would be better driven by the private sector.

Mamora said, ”there were some private sector concerns that have indicated interest and they were currently in talks.”

He also disclosed that some partners outside the country also indicated interest in the project outside local partners.

He said engagement was ongoing and that hopefully they would soon arrive at a logical conclusion.

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