Things You Should ALWAYS Do For Your Cat 

While cats are typically more low-maintenance than other pets, they still require lots of love and care. That said, there are several things you should always do for your cat to ensure that it is happy healthy and loved If you enjoy this kind of content, subscribe to the channel for more cat videos Now let’s reveal the things you should always do to provide your feline friend with a safe and happy home.

Essential Practices for Cat Owners

Keep food, water, and litter boxes accessible. What you can do for your cat is to make sure all of its needs are met This means food, water, and litter need to be well maintained and accessible. You should always make sure your cat is eating enough food and stays hydrated. Some cats tend to dislike still water, so you might want to consider a pet fountain. Otherwise, focus on getting your cat’s hydration through its food. Wet cat food formulas typically have a high water content, which helps with your cat’s hydration needs.

You should also feed your cat at scheduled times For most Cats: two meals a day is sufficient Just avoid free-feeding your cat if it’s difficult for you to maintain a regular feeding schedule You can always consider an automatic feeder As for litter boxes, you should always have one litter box per cat plus an extra box For example, if you have only one cat, you should have two litter boxes This provides your cat with more autonomy and accessibility Your furry friend will thank you with purrs number 2 Keep the litter box clean. Proper hygiene is essential to keeping a cat happy and healthy.

For the most part, it’s important to keep up your end as well You really don’t want your cat to be grossed out by the litter box, so hesitate to use it after all Don’t you avoid gross bathrooms too? With that said, you should be scooping your cat into litter box at least once a day, but litter box maintenance doesn’t end there To really keep it clean, experts recommend fully changing the litter and deep cleaning the box at least once a month If you have a very busy lifestyle, you might consider self-cleaning litter box if you want the best of the best We’re big fans of automatic litter boxes, like the litter robot.

They take away the hassle of scooping your cat’s litter, saving you time but the most important part is that it provide your cat with a clean place to relieve themselves every day, truly maximizing hygiene If you want to check it out, we’ll have the link to our review of litter box 4 in the description box number three Keep your cat entertained while cats are more self-sufficient than Other pets still require plenty of attention, and boredom makes for an unhappy cat and can also have negative effects on a cat’s health. That’s why it’s important to provide plenty of ways to keep your furry friend entertained This is especially important if you have a busy schedule and are often out of the house. Puzzle feeders and interactive toys are great ways to keep your cat entertained.

Cat occupied Try using kibbles and treats to incentivize your cat to solve puzzles and play. This will lead to your cat being more healthy mentally sharp and active in the long term You should also provide your cat with easy access to places where it can look out of Windows and observe Cats are very curious animals, and they love to sit and watch the outside world, whether it be Birds squirrels people or other Scenic changes Cats are fascinated by windows; just make sure to keep your windows securely latched and locked so your cat can only see them.

Schedule play time in the same vein as number three You should set aside time every day to play with your cat. Play time is essential to cats as it prevents boredom keeps them stimulated and provides exercise If there is one thing cats love more than playing, it is playtime with their favorite human While interactive toys and self-directed play can be enjoyable for cats, there is no substitute for quality time with their person That’s why you should make these play sessions part of your regular routine After all, most cats need about 30 minutes of exercise per day Feather toys plush mice and toy balls are just a few of many feline favorites Even if it’s just for 20 minutes, playing with your cat daily will have positive effects on your relationship number five brush your cat regularly While cats are excellent at grooming themselves, regular brushing is necessary to keep their coats glossy and healthy, plus cats tend to enjoy being brushed.

It’ll be a relaxing experience for your feline friend as well as beneficial. Generally speaking, with short-haired cats, you should brush their coats at least once a week This frequency should be increased to a few times a week for medium-haired cats and every day for long-haired cats Brushing regularly will help prevent tangles and matting. It will also remove excess oils and make the coat shiny and bright Just be sure to brush your cat softly and not too rough You want brushing to be a peaceful experience that your cat looks forward to rather than one it Associates with pain or stress Get a soft brush and lightly stroke the fur, making sure not to tug or pull Don’t forget to brush the head behind the ear the backs of the legs the chest and the armpits these are areas where it is harder for your cat to groom itself so you may need to pay extra attention

Provide your your cat with hiding places cats enjoy small, enclosed spaces that they can relax or sleep in. With this in mind, you should provide your cat with enough space that it can hide and get away from the rest of the world This could be an enclosed cat bed, an open cat carrier or simply an open box; regardless of what it is, your cat should have at least one space that it can Retreat to and be alone in. Typically, cats like this space to be dark enclosed and secure It is important to ensure that your cat always feels safe in your home Providing a safe hiding space is one of the best ways to ensure this.

Refrigerator if you have ever found your cat on the fridge, let us know in the comments section To prevent your cat from knocking over your things or potentially getting hurt, you should provide places where it can safely jump and climb These may be designated cat shelves or a cat tower Your cat should have areas it can jump to to be able to hang out at different heights and scale up and down the sides This gives your furry friend more freedom and the ability to entertain itself.

Monitor your cat’s health notorious for hiding pain and adverse health symptoms This can make it fairly difficult for cat owners to detect when something is wrong Because of this, it is essential to know your cat’s normal behaviors and tendencies so you’ll be able to notice a change If your cat is acting more withdrawn and not eating or sleeping excessively, it’s time to book an appointment with your veterinarian On that note, you should be visiting your vet for yearly checkups to make sure that your cat is in good health You should also keep your cat up to date on all shots and flea or heartworm treatments even if you have an indoor cat, you should also monitor your cat’s weight If you notice your cat suddenly losing or gaining weight, be sure to consult your vet, as it could be due to underlying health conditions You should also take note of any other changes in your cat’s appearance, such as hair loss or rashes.

Dental issues eye or ear discharge and so on Being observant is critical when it comes to monitoring your pet’s health, especially since many health issues can go undetected if you’re not paying attention number nine allow your cat to exercise its hunting instincts Cats are naturally born hunters, so many of their hunting instincts remain. That’s why it’s good to provide your cat with an opportunity to get out their energy and exercise their natural hunting instincts Many people attempt to suppress these instincts, and sometimes cats can express them in destructive ways. For example, they may destroy furniture, scratch and tear things up and knock stuff over, but this can easily be prevented by providing your cat with the appropriate Outlets to get out their hunting urges cats love scratching and scratching posts redirect them from scratching your furniture You should also get your cats some toys that mimic prey, like a toy mouse on a string or feather toys.

These toys provide your cat with a way to get out all of their hunting desires without causing real damage This way, you’ll keep your cat happy and contend without sacrificing your furniture number 10: treat your cat Every cat deserves an extra bit of love now and then, You should occasionally reward your cat for being a positive addition to your life with a treat It’s important to appreciate your cat, and a great way to do this is by giving your cat something special, whether it be a yummy treat, some extra cuddles, or a new toy to play with. Your cat is sure to appreciate the extra love Treating your cat every once in a while is a great way to reinforce and strengthen your relationship It will also make your cat feel special and loved It’s important, however, not to spoil your cat too much with edible treats, too many treats can be unhealthy for your cat. Even though you may be overflowing with love for your cat all the time, keep their treat intake at or below 10% of their daily calorie intake instead of too many treats Give them a chin rub or a new toy every once in a while.

Spend time with your cat One of the best ways to show your cat that you love them is to simply spend time with them Some cats aren’t very physically affectionate, so they show their affection simply by existing in the same room as someone else. They care about it. It is a great idea to reciprocate this action to show your cat that you also care for them If you’re going to study read or relax, consider sitting in in the same room as your cat. Even if you aren’t interacting directly with your cat, it knows and appreciates your presence Though cats are more independent than other pets, they still experience loneliness. But loneliness can easily be avoided by spending time together, even with something as simple as just sitting in the same room Now we’ve gone over the list, it’s time for cat of the week This video’s cat of the week is Marley His Guardian says Marley is an inquisitive six-month-old tabby kitten whom I adopted from a family moving to another state He is exceptionally smart and has a lot of energy.


A cat DNA test revealed he is part Norwegian Forest cat and part Maincoon, which explains why he is already 10 lbs. and still growing fast He’s my best friend. Marley keep being pawsome to your cat for a chance to be featured Visit the entry link in the description box below So do you always
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