PDP may set up campaign committee next week

The Peoples Democratic Party will next week set up a committee that will come up with how to raise funds for its campaign.

The spokesperson of Atiku Abubakar Presidential Campaign Organisation, Daniel Bwala, disclosed this in an interview.

He was responding to questions on the amount budgeted for the campaign and sources of funding.

Bwala said, “How can you determine when to get funds when your structure has not been established? Because the people that will generate the funds and plan for campaign are in the campaign structure. It is like saying that you are going to do a project; when the project committee has not been established, where will you draw the budget?

“You don’t know because you have to go to primary one before you go to primary two. Primary one is the committee that will think about where to raise funds; anybody who is thinking of raising funds before the committee is trying to present a fait accompli to the committee.

“It (campaign structure and committee) will be coming, hopefully, next week. Yes, the campaign structure.

“The campaign structure is the structure that executes the campaign. If you have a campaign structure, they will form different committees: manifesto committee, finance, legal and mobilisation committees. So, to start talking about what a committee will think about (funds) before they are constituted is like you write an answer and ask me to work through the question.”

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